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Print Submission Guidelines for Agents

We accept unsolicited print proposals and manuscripts from agents and are currently seeking titles in fiction and nonfiction. We are currently not accepting nonagented proposals or manuscripts for our print imprint.

Nonfiction Agent Submissions

We are looking for books with a well-defined, strong target market covering many nonfiction categories, including memoir, history, entertainment, general self-help/psychology, business, parenting, biography, social and contemporary issues, and politics.

Ideally, we need to see a proposal that includes the following items:

  • A brief synopsis in one or two paragraphs
  • Author bio
  • A table of contents, plus estimated length of manuscript in words and pages
  • Sample chapters
  • A description of the target audience
  • One page/paragraph on your book's unique advantages

Please email your proposal to

Fiction Agent Submissions

We are currently looking for fiction in most genres, including mysteries, thrillers, suspense, historical fiction, romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction.

For fiction submissions, we prefer to see a complete manuscript if the book is finished, along with a one- or two-page synopsis. If the book is not complete, we do accept partial manuscripts along with a one- or two-page synopsis.

Additionally, we would like to see an author bio that lists any past published titles.

Please email your manuscripts to

We respond to all submissions immediately and provide final answers within 30 days of submission.